Godzila Dogecoin

The idea behind the Godzila Dogecoin Ecosystem is to never stop growing through True Deflationary techniques and higher income generation for Godzila Dogecoin Holders.

Welcome to the world of nft godzilla dogecoin with a promising future, your nft will be very valuable in the future.

With our staking you can earn up to 25% of Godzilla Dogecoin

5% Marketing Fee

Every single (BUY/SELL) is transformed into BNB and sent to marketing wallet so we've massive marketing campaign even the tax is lower

30% of the market will burn

Due to this deflationary mechanism, Godzila Dogecoin has implemented a burn every Monday. The merger of these mechanisms guarantees a continuously rising floor price due to the decrease in circulating supply.

Low Taxes Fees 8% BUY/SELL

Use low slippage each BUY/SELL about 8% to avoid frontrun.

Secured by Pinklock

100% Liquidity locked on Pinklock & Ownership renounce (Owner of smart-contract send to Null Address, mean we can't change anything code on smart-contract) fund are Safe.

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